A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 12

Shu Yu makes a schoolboy error, but we get to revel in some lovey-dovey fluff. Boss Ge swoops in like a hawk to its prey, as Wei Zhen gets tossed from one devil to another like a rag doll.

Wei Zhen is ever so adorable, fretting over attending Shu Yu’s bandmates’ wedding. Shu Yu is sweetly supportive, and he sends her a pretty frock complete with a personal note. At the wedding he’s super protective of her. The best thing is that he doesn’t need to deal with the blabbermouths himself, today’s guest stars 浩角翔起 knocks them out for Shu Yu with a few verbal blows. Their cameo as the wedding singers/hosts is hilarious with a bit of meta thrown in.

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You Light Up My Star Episode 1

It’s been a long time since I watched Joe or Janine in any drama individually, so the combination of these two really excited me. I also don’t remember wanting to watch two tw-dramas at the same time, but I will gladly make the exception for Director Winnie.


My first impression from the trailer was that this was going to be a fluffy drama revolving around actors and showbiz. It was a lot less rom-com, and more gritty than I expected. We have our main leads, Man Ling and Cheng Wei, two huge stars who first found fame acting together in a movie. Since then, they have teamed up each year to release a movie, each one with a different theme but are typical rom-com flick. They are also lovers but have not made their relationship public.

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A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 11

This episode is stuff that is made of dreams. Faced with an almost impossible deadline to sell the 50,001 copies of her single, Wei Zhen and her A-team are starting to feel the strain.

Wei Zhen reaches a breaking point after one of Shu Yu’s most loyal fans renounces her own idol for his endorsement for Wei Zhen. It’s an emotional day for Shu Yu, having lost one of his earliest fangirls. Wei Zhen also realises how tough things are for Qian Rui and Ah Ni for the first time. Although coping with his own issues, Shu Yu reminds Wei Zhen that all three of them are here with her for their own reasons too; it’s their battle as much as it is hers. Having heard that, Wei Zhen still decides to run away.

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