Momo Love

I haven’t done a proper recap in ages. The two Momo Love episodes I did recently was kind of crappy, maybe I need some time to get back into my own rhythm, bear with me please? I’ve been absent for quite a while, not entirely due to the holidays. Over the past few months I lost a lot of my videos, of shows I wanted to watch and shows I keep because they’re great. One disk crash and it was all gone. =(

I lost all my B&W episodes, so I wouldn’t be continuing to recap those because I sort of lost the excitement for it after so long. But Mark Zhao won a Golden Bell (is that what they’re called? The Emmys of Taiwan lol) for his role in Black and White so maybe I’ll eventually get around to watching them, but no recaps probably, am too lazy to get hold of the videos again.

I still have BF3 with me thanks to a friend 🙂  and it’ll take some time while I get around to watching and capping heh. Am more into Momo Love now. A bit of trivia here, which most people would’ve picked up earlier than me, but Momo Love is directed by the same guy who directed It Started with A Kiss and They Kiss Again. Mr Winnie Qu 😀 No wonder the opening scene was filmed at the same place that Xiang Qin confessed to Zhi Shu. And Taohua’s house seems a lot like Zhishu’s house in TKA.

And to those people who say that Jinglun can’t act, I agree with you. BUT, his monotone voice and his dullness does reflect the qualities of his character (although I can’t compare it to the original manga since I did not follow that) and I do find him really adorkable. 😀


Black and White Episode 2

In the previous episode we found out that the fierce chick that Hero and Zai Tian brought in  is in fact Chen Lin (who immediately made me think of Rainie Yang and lol-ed), the daughter of the boss of this big mob gang called Sanlian Hui. Mob Boss then sends one of his henchmen, who rounds up loads of his minions and fills out the parking lots of the Southern District PD in the blink of an eye. The scary-looking/unproperly shaven henchman also brings along a squeamish lawyer to negotiate with the police. Right, intimidate, more like.

Mob Boss's henchman

While he and the lawyer talk to the police chief, reminding him of how great and scary Sanlian Hui is, and that they have no grounds to arrest Chen Lin bladida, Zai Tian and Hero watch from behind the mess that they created. Hero is no multitasker, but Zai Tian manages to make a whole load of funny faces while listening in.

First he wonders what the creepy guy is up to...

The he ponders what creepy guy says with a fake serious face

And agony...because he's trying to imitate Hero's expression.

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Black and White Episode 1

Black and White is Vic Zhou’s newest drama, which is surprisingly, a cop drama. Black and WhitePic taken off DramaWiki.

There are 22 episodes so far and ths series is just about to finish its run soon, but I have this thing for cop dramas, so despite being a bit behind I’ve decided to share the drama here. I’m not that big a fan of Vic Zhou, but I personally think he does take acting quite seriously, from the roles that he’s been taking up. Although the younger cast generally gives this series a more idol-like persona, the older generation cast in this series did raise my eyebrows a little, with Chun Pui (a veteran actor from HK) among some of the veterans included. I feel as though it’s not going to be that bad after all.

Disclaimer bit: All the following screencaps are made by me. If you wish to use them elsewhere you are free to take the images, but do not hotlink my photos. Please upload them again onto your own server or  upload them to a photo hosting website yourself.

We start up with a steamy bed scene with Chen Zai Tian (Vic) and a pretty lady. More like, a morning after scene. She answers a call (after not answering the past 66 calls) from her mum, who is not too happy that she didn’t return home the previous night. After a few verbal exchanges, we find out Zai Tian is a cop in the Northern District Police Department, and the girl’s mother is coincidentally, his boss. Right, so Zai Tian is immediately transfered over to the Southern District, no doubt because the angry boss decides to run after him with a gun, and firing a few shots at him. Little overdone exaggeration there. Vic then speeds off in his gorgeous yellow convertible to pick up more girls.

We then move on to more serious things, like Ying Xiong (Mark Zhao) getting a tattoo. I suppose when your name literally means Hero people tend to take you more seriously eh? Well, turns out the tattoo was for official reasons, because he’s about to go undercover as some thug escorting his boss to do a drug deal. His boss is a tech geek colleague who only qualified to be a cop because he hacked into the system and altered his grades. Wow that is a whole load of drama just right there, don’t you think?

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