Love Around Episode 11

After the high that was the previous episode, Love Around follows the typical tw-drama descend into stupidity. It tried really hard to create some conflict and angst for the OTP but without actually tearing them apart (yet). It felt like a really long, drawn-out episode which went nowhere. Think of it as getting a jab, but the nurse is just poking around random spots on your arm instead of just administering the injection. So there you are, anticipating a short, intense pain, but getting annoying little pointless pricks. Ha.

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Love Around Episode 10

Let’s just call this the episode of rainbows and unicorns. The drama let the OTP communicate with each other and brought out the happy. Like I predicted, they set us in a happy mood in time with Chinese Valentine’s Day this week. This of course sets the scene for angst in the next episode in whatever form of nonsensical obstacles that they can throw in their way, but they’ll weather the storm, these two.


Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu ring the bell of happiness. He tells her that unless she lets go, he won’t leave her side. That’s so sweet. They take a little walk after, and Xiao Shu admits that it feels surreal to her. It’s the first time for her to confess her feelings first, and she still doesn’t know what he thinks about her. Zhou Zhen laughs, then grabs her single ring¬†and throws it into the ocean.

He tells her she doesn’t need it anymore, neither does he. He announces that they are both not single now. Which is a bit of a turnaround way of expressing his feelings for her. What I loved is how he jokingly asked her to fire James in faux jealousy, and she quickly stands up for James, only to realise he was teasing.

When they return to the hotel, they meet with the others, who are of course curious where they both were. Jessica puts a stop to things by diverting attention to setting up the barbecue for later. Granny appears at the hotel because she’s all alone at home, and she tags along to the barbecue. She’s so cutely excited to meet the DJs, raving over them and asking them for autographs.

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