Momo Love Episode 6

Episode 6! The halfway mark of the series. Finally!

In the previous episode we saw Huiqi moving in near Taohua’s house, but the real bombshell only drops in the beginning of this episode. Guess who’s there to help Huiqi move in?

Nope, not Yui.



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Momo Love Episode 5

Shockingly, in this episode we find that…the Fearsome Four are actually human. Or that they can show slivers of humanity beneath their cruelty. Am I taking it to the extreme here? Or it’s just a case of Stockholm syndrome? This was a rather slow episode, and the focus shifted from Shilang and Taohua’s blossoming relationship to the dynamics of the Fearsome Four with the family. I enjoyed seeing another side of the Fearsome Four that does not include being all overbearing on Taohua (granted, they still can’t let go of Taohua).

Before I get carried away with myself, this episode starts off again at the amusement park, where Taohua and Shilang orchestrated a double date with Xue and Cheng. Honestly, in this day and age, who needs a chaperone? Unless you are Taohua, apparently. The two unknowing chaperones quickly get clued into what the kids are up to, and disapproving looks go all around.

Killer stares thrown in as well!

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Momo Love Episode 4

Time to continue on Momo Love – my watching experience was interrupted with other distractions, but in a good kind of way, because I was kind of getting sick of the silliness of Momo Love where we last left off. Not that I have anything against Momo Love, as of now, since there was a cooling off period. I’m good for now. 😉 If you remember anything from the previous episode, Shilang’s hot lady cousin made her appearance to balance off the testosterone, Taohua decides to take a test so that she can be in Shilang’s school, and the Fearsome Four then forces Yui to ace the same test to reduce Taohua’s chances of getting the two available spots.

The episode begins with the brothers (again) apologising to Taohua for being mean to Shilang (they stepped all over Shilang and his mp3). If there’s anything to be sorry for, Taohua should be sorry that she has these four brothers.

They’re trying to buy her off with some cake, but I’m not buying it.

Taohua is on a hunger strike (and she refuses to speak to them too!)

Taohua refuses to speak to anyone of them, and instead shoves post-its at them to say that she won’t leave her room. Okayyy, but her silence doesn’t last long (or maybe she just got lazy with the post-its), because eventually they bug her enough for her to start speaking again. Now, if only they can work their magic on mute people.

What they were bickering about was insignificant, because everything that the brothers say, they will forget anyway (unless it works to their advantage). One second they’re okay with her liking Shilang, and the next, they’re all over Shilang’s mp3. So who says women are fickle? At least Taohua isn’t clingy, and her feelings do not change every 5 seconds.

While Taohua is off dreaming about Shilang again, Yui is busy watching a black and white movie and daydreaming of his own romance with Shilang’s cousin. The noir movie cleverly avoids copyright issues by having Larisa (of They Kiss Again!) and another foreign (or of mixed blood at least) actor acting out the roles. There’s even a kissing scene! And a cheesy ending, which brings our Yui to sadness and more fantasy.

I bet Yui dreamt about Larisa’s character all the time. If he’s a boy. Lol. When Yui is out renting more Dvds (of unknown genre), Taohua tails him out and begs Yui to help her out. It takes some blackmailing (remember how Yui tricked Taohua about Shilang’s supposed girlfriend?) but Yui gets melted into a puddle of goo by her anyway.

But the brothers sense something wrong with Taohua the next day – her thighs are awfully hairy, and…

She pees while standing?

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