Momo Love Episode 3

In the previous episode we see that Taohua decided not to give up on her feelings for Shilang, which made her brothers super happy. But when she gets home, she has an agenda of her own. Her brothers are worried about the reason for her change in heart (do they not know women enough to understand how fickle women are?).

While they are fretting over this...

Taohua decides to look for her own place to live, so that she can be independent of her brothers. Which is a pretty nice way to sugarcoat “I don’t want to be smothered in this hell-hole anymore!!!”.

They spy on her and eventually find out what she's up to

Seriously, privacy is hard-to-get in the Chen family, lol. The fearsome four throw a huge fuss about Taohua moving out, but she seems to be adamant with her decision. She insists that it’s not about Shilang or getting away from her brothers, but she truly just wants to learn to be independent. Pah, pretend all you want, but everyone can see through it, my dear girl.

As everything in the Chen family goes, when there is a problem, the fearsome four will always turn to Yui. Either to do the dirty job for them, or to be on receiving end of their angst.

Poor Yui gets cornered by the fearsome four yet again

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Momo Love

I haven’t done a proper recap in ages. The two Momo Love episodes I did recently was kind of crappy, maybe I need some time to get back into my own rhythm, bear with me please? I’ve been absent for quite a while, not entirely due to the holidays. Over the past few months I lost a lot of my videos, of shows I wanted to watch and shows I keep because they’re great. One disk crash and it was all gone. =(

I lost all my B&W episodes, so I wouldn’t be continuing to recap those because I sort of lost the excitement for it after so long. But Mark Zhao won a Golden Bell (is that what they’re called? The Emmys of Taiwan lol) for his role in Black and White so maybe I’ll eventually get around to watching them, but no recaps probably, am too lazy to get hold of the videos again.

I still have BF3 with me thanks to a friend πŸ™‚ Β and it’ll take some time while I get around to watching and capping heh. Am more into Momo Love now. A bit of trivia here, which most people would’ve picked up earlier than me, but Momo Love is directed by the same guy who directed It Started with A Kiss and They Kiss Again. Mr Winnie Qu πŸ˜€ No wonder the opening scene was filmed at the same place that Xiang Qin confessed to Zhi Shu. And Taohua’s house seems a lot like Zhishu’s house in TKA.

And to those people who say that Jinglun can’t act, I agree with you. BUT, his monotone voice and his dullness does reflect the qualities of his character (although I can’t compare it to the original manga since I did not follow that) and I do find him really adorkable. πŸ˜€

Momo Love Episode 2

Hee Episode 1 ended with Shilang kissing Taohua, but obviously…that was just Taohua’s fantasy. Since she was fantasising about him practically all day anyway. Anyhow she looks all over for him, and ends up at his judo practice session.

Taohua herself is some sort of judo expert (or so we are led to believe), because she kicks the butts of 2 of Shilang’s waaaay bigger friends. Eventually the judo people realise that Taohua is not from their school and they think that she’s some sort of spy. Shilang defends her and takes her away. Taohua gets all shy and red and just shoves his umbrella back to him. She then runs away across the road, and in the most cliched way almost gets ran over by a truck.

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