The Pursuit Of Happiness Episodes 11-13

I marathoned through the last episodes, because the holiday afforded me some time away from dramas in general, and I wanted to save this precious baby so I can savour it all at once. It did not disappoint me at all. In fact, it warmed my heart up so much that I want to save a special space for it in here. C’mere, you.

The last 3 episodes sealed my love for this drama, really. It was never a quick-paced drama to begin with, but every single time the OTP are onscreen, they make it worthwhile. From Lei Lei’s slow realisation that she loves Yi Kang and can’t live without him to Yi Kang’s tender show of affections toward Lei Lei and giving her the time and just enough space to accept him.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 10

How hilarious was that opening scene? They don’t have to go OTT for the laughs, just a little snippet was enough to crack me up.

In this episode we had Yi Kang and Lei Lei try to figure out each other and how to cross that line from being friends to lovers. To be fair, Yi Kang did most of the crossing the line bit, Lei Lei just didn’t push him back. Which is progress coming from her (she’d say so herself too).

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 9

After a really hectic week, it was really comforting to sit back and watch The Pursuit of Happiness. Even though it hasn’t got a blazing pace in terms of development, it has a nice relaxing vibe about it. The drama seems to know the story it wants to tell, and it’s letting the relationship between our leads simmer along, rather than having it sparkle at first then fizzle out and die. (Much like Love Around.)

Episode 9 was really more about Yi Kang’s feelings for Lei Lei, and him coming to terms with it. I’d like to think that this is the episode where he realises that he likes her as a woman. Lei Lei still has a bit of time till she comes to that realisation, because she seems to be actively dismissing any tiny butterfly flutters for him. And making him ‘delete’ any notions of feelings for her. But like Yi Kang says, you can’t really delete your feelings for someone.

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