Nick Chou and Huang Jing Lun on 100% Entertainment

An episode of 100% Entertainment that I found really funny, thanks to Xiao Zhu’s mischief. This is one of the epic best friends episode, where a celebrity would come on the show with his/her best friend. Previous notable guests for this segment were Wilber Pan and Jason Tang.

So the guests for this episode were Nick Chou and his buddy Huang Jing Lun. Nick is an upcoming artist, he’s about to hold his first showcase. If he manages to attract an audience of 3000 people, then his record company will release an album/EP for him. He’s been promoting his showcase (happening in July I think) for quite a while now, I remember seeing an episode of Kangxi with him and his mother on it a few weeks back. His mum used to be a famous singer but nowadays just dotes on him and makes occasional appearances on variety shows. Nick’s managed to generate a lot of hype for his concert, even Jaybum plugged him on his youtube!

Huang Jing Lun is no stranger to me, having watched him on One Million Star and Momo Love. He’s more lively and less whiny than his character in Momo Love comes across, and he is very likable on variety shows too. Xiao Zhu seems to know him pretty well, since he’s in the same company (management I think) as both Nick and Jing Lun, but he seems closer to Jing Lun because they’ve performed together and stuff. And being close to Xiao Zhu means he’s more likely to pull some pranks on you. 😉

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I really love Jing Lun’s dorkiness, I think watching Momo Love has endeared him greatly to me. Watching him trying to dance is hilarious. And singing to Jolin’s Real Man.

The best part of the best friend segment is obviously the Q&A part, where the guest is put on the hotspot as the friend tries to shield him from awkward (scandalous) questions. Here Jing Lun did somewhat steal the spotlight from Nick (like what Jason did to Wilber!), but mostly it was because he seemed more comfortable with the banter with Zhu and Gui. Or because Nick suffered less at the hands of Xiao Zhu. Overall I did come off with the feeling that Nick is not as close to Jing Lun as Zhu is, maybe because Nick was more quiet.

I think watching Jing Lun (and his onscreen alter ego, Yui) suffer is only funny because of his lol-tastic reactions. And that Xiao Zhu gleefully remarked that he can’t do it to artists from other companies, but because Jing Lun is under the same management…Zhu had a great time tormenting him. LOL.


Wonder Girls on 100% Entertainment

It was aired today, was a pre-recorded episode. No Xiao Zhu though; he’s still on leave to prepare for his concert so HuDie stood in for him again. They had a cardboard cut out of him to remind us of his presence lol. I bet he was more upset than us though, he’s such a kpop fan, and he probably knows all their dances too!

Links to watch: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

They performed Nobody first, but it was lip-synced to the backtrack. The sound system probably wasn’t all that good or they didn’t have time to rehearse because of their packed schedule. Sohee did her ‘omona’ look for the fans, and HuDie tried to imitate her too! Lol. And they asked the girls to pick a guy from three pictures showing only their mouths. It was suffice to say, Xiao Zhu wasn’t missed at all, they had a bit of a tribute to him. 😀

After that it was some fan interaction time, which was nice! Most of the fans were girls though, I thought there’d be some fanboys there too! I initially thought the new member, Hyerim was fluent in Chinese, but she was just okay. Yeeun had the best pronunciation though, like with my observations during Kangxi. There was also the all-time favourite guess-who-drank-bitter-tea game with the fans. Which reminded me of the time that Shinee’s Jonghyun downed all his bitter tea at one go lol. That was a really fun episode ^^

Really missed Zhu’s presence in this episode – I don’t mind HuDie, but Zhu is just more fun! Enjoy the episode!!

100% Entertainment 2010-04-13

Just a random episode of Bai Fen Bai I watched to fill time (and to catch up with some Xiao Zhu craziness, to be honest). It was one of those pre-recorded dating game episodes.

Male guests were Terry, Chen Bo Cun (a Jay Chou lookalike who also has Jay’s mannerisms!), Wen Sheng Hao (James Wen, but he looks like a Danny to me, partly because of his outfit – the leather jacket do). Ladies were Xiao You, and two other ladies whose name I can’t remember, but presumably are actresses from the movie they were promoting, Lie Yan. I didn’t really know much about the movie, but after watching the episode I presume that Danny James Wen is the male lead, Janine Zhang (who should have been here!) is the female lead, and the other two ladies are probably the second female lead and/or the supporting actresses. The movie clips shown imply sex, violence and stalker tendencies are strongly present in the movie, lol.

Link for the first part, click here.

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