Harlem Yu On Kang Xi Lai Le

Xiao S and Harlem Yu

Harlem Yu appeared on the show on 9th May, where he was promoting his new album. God, he hasn’t had an album out since¬†Can’t Quit? That was ages ago. Kang Yong reminded him that he said before he wasn’t sure if he was going to write more albums after¬†Can’t Quit. He invited Xiao S to sing a duet with him and they shot the MV together. It was hilarious to hear their anecdotes while filming the MV. Xiao S had 4 outfits in total and she had to shoot a scene with him where they were both old. She griped that she spent 3-4 hours in make-up to look old, and in the MV there was only about 5 seconds of the footage. Hah.

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This is what happens…

When you have too much to do but just want to procrastinate.

Rewatch old episodes of Kangxi. Okay not really very old episodes, but just older ones.

Credit: sugoiLaiLe @ youtube
(she uploads variety shows amazingly fast. like she doesn’t need to sleep at all.)

Remaining parts: Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

I love how KangYong has this huge wad of bleached long hair, like how Super Junior did during one of their older albums (that’s why they’re sorry now XD). I like how he looks weird like this sometimes, and howhe randomly affixes stuff on his shoulders. LOL.

Anyway the episode was about letting Bai Quans (that’s slang for unmarried women in their 30s) meet eligible guys. Note I didn’t say bachelors, because who knows if they’re really bachelors? And for once, they did really get two super hot and eligible guys on the show (woot!), Godfrey Gao and Xiao Ding, whose English name I don’t know but I’m sure he has one. They’re both okay-looking, but all the females on the show found them amazingly tall and handsome beyond their greatest imaginations. (Probably because the two of them come from rich families *wink*) So they devour the two men like vultures, lol. Especially Xiao S, OMG she was so hilarious in this episode. Haven’t laughed so much watching Kangxi for quite a while. I always laugh, but still, this was hilarious.

Oh, and did I mention that Nono was also one of the ‘eligibles’? I dunno if they just got him there to round up the numbers, haha, but I don’t mind him. He’s a funny guy and he comes off pretty decent unlike some of the other variety show regulars. And he seems genuinely funny too, and not bad looking, just that when put in the company Godfrey and Xiao Ding, he just gets brushed away by everyone, which is also another laughing point. How Xiao S would rove over the other two and he’d go, ‘don’t you want to look at my arm hair too?’ Hahahaha and she’d look away and hide behind Kangyong lol.

Worth watching for all the eye candy, both of whom, don’t really do anything all episode but stand there and get molested/harassed and ogled at.